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Hose Reels
Keep vacuum hoses and pressure lines tidy, neatly stored and ready to use
Sapphire hose reels keep sprawling hoses under control, preserves valuable space in your vehicles and helps to make your field operations faster and more efficient. Reels speed up each job by making it easy to deploy, retrieve and store hoses and pressure lines – all without kinks and bends – and there's no awkward straps or oversized carry bags to manage. Sapphire reels are built tough, too, providing reliable service day in and day out.

The Water Pond is pictured above. The table (right) shows all hose reels and related accessories available from Sapphire.

Water Pond (68-032)
Compact integrated unit stores 250 ft. of hoses and 120 gallons of water to boost workday capacity. Motorized reel for fast hose retrieval. Learn more here.
High Profile Vacuum/Solution Hose Reel (Holds 250' of 2" Hose) (68-025)
High Profile Electric Vacuum/Solution Hose Reel (Holds 250' of 2" Hose) (68-033)
Narrow profile hose reel untilizes vertical space in vehicle to maximize storage. Motorized version provides easy hose retrieval.
Electric Vacuum Hose Reel (Holds 250' of 2" Hose) (68-038)
Vacuum Hose Reel (Holds 250' of 2" Hose) (68-037)
Universal Pressure Hose Reel (68-023)

Prices in US funds.