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Fresh Water Tanks and Accessories
Boost your fresh water capacity with these optional tanks and accessories
Sapphire fresh water tanks are available in a variety of capacities and time-saving features, allowing you to customize your truckmount installation in a configuration that works for you. And if you operate in a hard-water area, the Water Softener Kit can help keep your equipment scale-free and operating at peak efficiency.

A Sapphire submount tank is pictured above. The table (right) shows the many tank and water softener options available from Sapphire.

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Water Softener (68-045)
Reduce damaging mineral deposits in tank, valves and fittings by softening your water supply. Unit delivers twice the softening capacity of similarly-priced units.
Water Pond (68-032)
Compact integrated unit stores 250 ft. of hoses and 120 gallons of water to boost workday capacity. Motorized reel for fast hose retrieval. Learn more here.
Saddle tank, dual w/out pump (68-393)
Saddle tank, dual w/pump (68-392)
Saddle tank, single w/out pump (68-391)
Saddle tank, single w/pump (68-390)

Prices in US funds.