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Vacuum Hoses, High Pressure Solution Lines and Filters
Providing durable, trouble-free service
Sapphire vacuum hoses are crush proof and feature reinforced cuffs for easy removal from the extractor, wands, hand tools and all other cleaning tools. Solution lines feature male quick-connects on one end and female quick-connects on the other end. In-line filters capture debris before it enters the extractor tank, making it easier to keep vacuum lines clear, and keeping those hard-to-reach onboard tanks cleaner longer. All Sapphire vacuum hoses, solution lines and filters can be use with either heated and non-heated carpet extractors.

This table (right) shows all hoses and related accessories available from Sapphire.

Legend Rewards:
500 Points

2"x50' Blue Vacuum Hose (18-003)
1/2" x 50' Fresh Water Supply Hose W/QD (18-002)
1/4" x 50' Neptune High pressure hose w/QD's and Shut off Valve (18-001P)
1/4"x50' Neptune High Pressure Hose W/QD's (18-000P)
2" Hose barb (21-003)
1/4" x 100 Neptune High Pressure Hose W/QD's and Shut off Valve (18-250)

Prices in US funds.