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Pro-1200 SE Direct Drive
Sapphire sets the new standard for direct-drive efficiency, power and ease of installation
The all-new Pro-1200 SE delivers the performance, reliability and ease of service of Sapphire’s top-selling truckmount in the convenience of a direct-drive system – setting the standard for direct-drive truckmounts.

The Pro-1200 SE is covered under Sapphire Scientific's exclusive three year parts and labor warranty. See your Owner's Manual for details.

Standard Equipment
  • One low-profile 14 in. 6-jet titanium alloy wand
  • Two 50 ft. sections of 2 in. vacuum hose 
  • One 2 in. hose connector 
  • One ¼ in. x 50 ft. section of solution hose with w/quick disconnects and shutoff valve 
  • One ¼ in.× 50 ft. section of solution hose w/quick disconnects 
  • One 50 ft. section of water hose with quick-connect fitting 
  • Installation kit 
  • Operation and service manual 
Recovery tank: Submount 100/80 gal. constructed of marine grade aluminum 

Legend Rewards: 12,000 Points

Sapphire engineers have incorporated the latest components, including the Gardner Denver Heliflow Blower, which provides the best CFM in its class, and the General Emperor series pump, which features heat treated viton seals for maximum performance and longevity. Combine all of this with Sapphire’s heat exchange system and you have the perfect truckmount providing maximum heat, water pressure and vacuum for all day dual-wand cleaning!


Features & Benefits

  • Engine RPM settings are lower than the competition: Set at 1400 (high), 1200 (mid), or 1000 (low). This helps to conserve fuel and prolong van engine life and truckmount components, yet produces ample heat even in cold climates. 
  • Small footprint: Only 21" W x 41" H x 62" L – including both the console and 100-gallon sub-mount waste tank. Leaves extra room in the vehicle a fresh water tank and cleaning accessories.
  • Triple heat exchangers standard for maximum efficiency – two for the engine coolant and one for the blower exhaust providing maximum heat for continuous cleaning.
  • Superior, quieter vacuum performance with Gardner Denver’s state-of-the-art 408 HeliFlow helical vacuum blower. Produces vacuum at 13 in. Hg and flows up to 455 CFM.
  • Long service life from the General Emperor high pressure pump - features heat-treated seals.
  • Built-in pre-filter box and more accessible vacuum hose connections.
  • Clean and simple design focused on performance with durability and serviceability.


Model Pro-1200 SE Direct Drive
Vacuum pump Gardner Denver 408 Heliflow helical gear drive. Vacuum to 13 in. Hg and flows up to 455 CFM @ 3450 RPM
Max. temperature Up to 240° F  | 116° C depending on conditions
Solution pump General Pump HTS2016S with high temp seals,
electric clutch and fully adjustable pressure settings up to 1200 PSI and 5 GPM @ 1585 RPM
Submount waste tank (standard) 100 gal. (379 l) TIG-welded 3/16 in. marine-grade aluminum. 84 gal. (318 l) at shutoff.
Vehicle engine RPM settings High: 1400
Medium: 1200
Low: 1000
Fuel consumption (typical) 1–2 gal. per hour
Frame construction MIG-welded 1 × 2 in. powder-coated steel box tubing
Dimensions (W × H × L) 21½ × 41 × 62 in. | 55 × 105 × 157 cm
Product Pricing

Contact a Sapphire dealer near you for product recommendations, availability and pricing.

72-1200SM15 | $22,950.00 (MSRP) Single Unit

Prices in US funds.