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One Earth Cleaning Products
Certified for effective green cleaning!
Sapphire’s One Earth products deliver powerful cleaning without harsh odors, petroleum-based solvents or corrosive chemicals. One Earth meets many customers’ needs for products that are free from perfumes, odors and harsh chemicals. The One Earth line also supports the use of Sapphire Scientific Carpet and Hard Surface Cleaning Systems in LEED-certified buildings or other structures with green initiatives.

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One Earth products have been reviewed by one or more of the following organizations: Design for the Environment (DfE), GreenSeal, Woolsafe, and EcoLogo. Specific certifications vary depending on product ingredients and application.

One Earth Standards
· Reduced foaming for better equipment operation and easier rinsing.
· No petroleum-based surfactants or solvents. Most of the cleaning agents we use are salt-based.
· Encapsulation formulations for better cleaning. As the cleaning solution dries, it encapsulates soils, which are then easily vacuumed from the surface.
· Low-impact waste stream. The products can be safely disposed into sewer or septic systems according to local regulations.
· No VOCs. The materials we use do not produce unhealthy or dangerous fumes.
· Concentrated. High dilution ratios mean fewer containers, lower shipping costs, and less packaging. Best of all, your purchases go further!
· Effective in cold water to save energy 



Hard surfaces: Quickly remove stains, built-up grime and hard water scale from tile, grout and concrete and other non-resilient hard surfaces. Includes One Earth Concrete, Tile and Grout Cleaner (76-340), and One Earth Concrete, Tile and Grout Brightener (76-350) and One Earth Floor Cleaner (76-370).

Soft surfaces (carpets, rugs, and upholstery): Power through every cleaning challenge with the One Earth carpet cleaning system. Includes One Earth Carpet Prespray and Rinse (76-380), One Earth Traffic Lane Cleaner (76-390), and One Earth Rug and Upholstery Cleaner (76-420).

Janitorial/counters, tub, tile and floors. Workhorse products for daily cleaning of interior surfaces such as windows, mirrors, bathroom fixtures and floors. Our highly biodegradable surfactants are derived from plant sources. Includes One Earth Tub, Tile and Bowl Cleaner (76-430), and One Earth Floor Cleaner (76-370).